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Resume Content

Hiring managers spend less than a minute reading your resume. They like to see information that would make a difference to them if they hired you. We ensure your Key achievements; your professional initiatives and critical skill sets are given due importance with maximum visibility. Making it easier for the hiring manager to assess your potential and call you for a face to face discussion.

SEO Friendly CV | QR Code

We insert industry specific key words and frequently searched terminologies in your CV allowing it to be Search Engine Optimized. The Unique QR Code we create a unique identity for every CV that we design. These codes are placed both on the CV and the LinkedIn profile. Over a period, the CVs we provide online access for, start to pop as personal webpages, every time a recruiter looks for certain skill-sets, making your CVs visibility much higher than the rest of the applicants in the market.

Resume Design

Among the many black and white resumes that are presented to the hiring manager, one that looks out of the box, naturally draws more attention.

Online CV

All our CVs are uploaded online and tagged with a unique url which is provided to you. This provides you with the power of providing recruiters with access to your resume free of cost without them having to pay job portals to access your resume. This also enables search engines to pick out your resume over a period of time. This service is free of cost for the first 12 months. You may continue this service by paying an annual subscription of Rs.1000/-.

Resume Format

Nothing is more pleasing than an accurately formatted document. A neatly formatted resume is easier to read and skip to areas that more important.

Track Your Resume Order Progress

We understand that your resume is more than just a document; it's an investment in your future. That's why we've made it easy to track your resume order progress every step of the way. By logging into your CV Designer account, you can access a personalized dashboard that provides real-time updates on your resume's status.

You'll be able to see when your resume is being written, reviewed, and finalized. We'll also keep you informed of any revisions or changes made by our team. This transparency allows you to stay in the loop and ensure that your resume is on track to meet your expectations.

Once your resume is complete, you'll be notified and given access to download it. You can then use it to confidently apply for jobs and take the next step towards your dream career. We're committed to providing you with exceptional service and ensuring that your experience with CV Designer is seamless and successful. Track your order today and see your career goals come to life.